The LUKSAN Group, LLC., Heavy Metal Recruiting® has a proven method for conducting a successful search. Like any other major project, having a clear set of objectives and a defined strategy is essential. We will want to not only discuss your current and future openings, but also understand your long-term objectives, your position in the industry, and the key areas of distinction that will attract high-level candidates.

We will also work with you to map out a schedule of events. It is important to have a reasonable deadline for the presentation of candidates as well as a subsequent interview and hiring timeline. While we work with a variety of levels within an organization, we are most successful when we have direct contact with the hiring manager for information gathering, candidate presentation, feedback, and offer extensions.

Once a search is clearly defined, our team will meet internally to review and assign the most appropriate resources. We will identify only qualified candidates and limit those presented to those who best fit your profile. We will not inundate you with resumes, nor will we present candidates that are not pre-screened and qualified.

In advance of any scheduled interviews, we will prepare the candidate in an effort to ensure a meaningful and productive exchange. We will work directly to facilitate feedback, and will conduct a thorough post-interview review with the hiring manager. This timely exchange is critical to advancing the search to a close, or to surfacing additional candidates.

We will also play a role in the construction and presentation of the offer, as well as help coordinate any pre- or post-offer requirements from your Workforce Department such as criminal background checks, drug screenings, etc…

Our objective is to be a key resource at a critical time. Your hiring decisions are among the most important tasks your organization will make. Our team will help to ensure that you are making the most of these opportunities both now and in the future.