Technology and innovation – LEAN Principles for organization and supply chains – Global Expansion of new markets and competition – Outsourcing & Trade Wars – In the midst of it all, the continuity to drive operational excellence and turn a profit. These are just some of the challenges facing our current Heavy Industrial sector. The severe need for globally savvy, organizational leadership that is highly adaptive & digitally in-tune will never go away. At the Luksan Group, we understand your challenges and are just one call away from helping you solve them.

  • Chief Executives: (CEO, COO, CFO, CRO, CIO, CTO)
  • Vice President, Director, General Manager of Operations
  • Vice President of Sales
  • National / Regional Sales Manager
  • Vice President & Director of Purchasing
  • Vice President & Director of Finance
  • Plant Manager
  • Vice President, Director, Manager of Logistics
  • Vice President, Director, Manager of R&D
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