3 Things a Hiring Manager Should Never Say in an Interview

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Conducting a job interview in the equipment industry can be challenging. You have to find a candidate who not only has the right qualifications but who will also be a great fit for the company. When you do find the right candidate, you also have to make a good enough impression on them so they will want to accept your offer. This means you have to be careful about what you say during interviews. You don’t want to offend candidates or make them feel uncomfortable. Here are three things a hiring manager should never say in an interview.

“Are you single?”

A question like this instantly crosses a line and makes the interviewee feel ill at ease. You want to avoid asking any inappropriate questions about candidates’ personal lives. Their relationship status has no bearing on how well the candidate can perform the job. You only want to ask questions that will help you evaluate the candidates’ knowledge, skills, and competence.

“Would you like to meet for drinks?”

Even if this question seems innocent, you don’t want to ask or say anything to a candidate that they can perceive as you asking them on a date. You don’t want the interviewee to feel uncomfortable or harassed. If they do, there is no way they will want to work for the company you represent. Focus on the task at hand, which is to sell the company to the candidate and assess their qualifications.

“If you were an animal, what kind of an animal would you be?”

Hiring managers often try to get creative with the questions they ask applicants. They realize candidates hear the same kind of questions over and over again when the job hunt, so they want to ask fun questions that will make the interview more memorable. The problem with this is that fun questions like this usually come across as corny. Moreover, it is unlikely that the candidate will give a response that will give you any insight in how they will perform in the role they’re applying for.

The job interview process is your opportunity to highlight the benefits of working for your company. You want the candidate to leave the interview enthusiastic about the prospect of landing the job. You also have to assess each candidate to identify which one will be the best fit for the role. In doing so, you have to pay close attention to what you say during interviews. The questions you ask can make or break the job offer stage.

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