5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Easy to Find

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For the modern professional, LinkedIn has become a dominant part of the job search process. Many job applications now either allow you to import your LinkedIn profile directly to their site or they want to have a link to it to read. Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile easy to find for potential recruiters and make sure your profile will be something they want to read.

1. Make Sure You Have Completed Your Full Profile

Leaving your profile incomplete puts you at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to your job search. If you want to be contacted by recruiters and hiring managers, be certain that you’ve completed all sections of your profile including education, job experience, awards, etc. Select a range of keywords that are relevant to your experience and expertise. Be sure to choose keywords that highlight your soft skills as well. Those are highly sought after and make a difference in setting yourself apart from other professionals on LinkedIn. Also reach out to your colleagues and past supervisors and ask for recommendations to show potential employers that you have a community of other professionals who can vouch for your experience.

2. Update Your Location

Another important thing is to make sure that your location is up to date as this will allow recruiters to know where you are located and where you are available to work. That way relevant jobs will appear in your searches and only recruiters that are near you can find you. Don’t put yourself in a position where you get contacted for a job that is not close enough to where you live or want to work. Having your location up to date makes sure nobody’s time is wasted.

3. Highlight Your Accomplishments

The most important thing a recruiter wants to see is what you are capable of based on your past achievements. When they read your profile, this will be the first thing they are looking for. In the LinkedIn profile, there is a segment below your profile picture that allows you to describe yourself. Use this area to highlight some of your top skills or accomplishments in a short blurb. It will allow a recruiter a good snapshot of who you are before they delve deeper.

4. Showcase Your Leadership Ability

Even if you’re not applying to any position that has a leadership component, it is always good to highlight any leadership position. Either official or unofficial, recruiters see leadership as a sign of a self-starter and someone who can take initiative.

5. Set Your Profile to Public

Go into your account settings and be sure to make your profile public that your profile is visible to recruiters and hiring managers. This simple action makes your profile show up in searches across LinkedIn.


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