4 Strategies to Make the Most of Working From Home

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Some engineering professionals may already be familiar with remote work. Yet, for others there will be a learning curve in working from home. Extroverts tend to thrive in offices and job sites surrounded by colleagues. But introverts might find that they are most productive in a remote work setting. Here are four strategies to make the most of working from home.

1. Create Multiple Workspaces

A dedicated home office might be ideal for minimizing outside distractions, but some remote workers find they are more productive by creating multiple workspaces around their homes, especially when they don’t have the extra room for traditional office furniture and equipment. If you’re in a small house or apartment, then the more empty space that you have, the easier that it is to focus on the work that is in front of you. Start by removing all of the unnecessary furniture and household items that are getting in your way. But the key takeaway here is that you should enjoy all of the varieties that working from home on a laptop can provide. Some people find it more comfortable rotating between multiple workstations that they have created that can be on the porch, balcony or even in the dining room. Try working in some of these spaces for 25-minute intervals during the day followed by a short break.

2. Step Outside

From boosting your immune system to getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, taking your break outdoors ensures that you leave your work behind for a bit to refresh your body and mind. Not to mention the additional benefits of getting fresh air that include cleaning your lungs, making you happier and improving your blood pressure.

3. Take a Real Lunch Break

Not commuting everyday is a significant benefit of working from home that translates to gaining back close to 11 workdays per year. Although you should still use this extra time wisely, it doesn’t have to be spent entirely in your office. It’s important to plan real lunch breaks into your schedule. Here are some research-backed benefits of taking regular breaks:

  • Increased Productivity – Mid-afternoon slumps are common in both traditional and home office settings. Taking regular lunch breaks are great for rejuvenation and gaining focus.
  • Improved Mental Well-Being – Eating a healthy lunch is good for relieving stress.
  • Boosts Creativity – Gain some fresh perspective on a challenging project while taking a lunch break.
  • Promotes Healthy Habits – Use some of the extra time that would have been spent in traffic for exercise, meditation, etc.

4. Incorporate Movement

Working from home encourages a sedentary lifestyle that can be detrimental to your health without incorporating some type of movement. Dedicate some time to walk, do some yoga or even complete some chores when you’re working from home.

Whether you try one or all of these suggestions, just pick a strategy and a schedule that works best for you.


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