Agricultural Manufacturing: How It’s Being Impacted by Coronavirus

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Agriculture, construction, and heavy metal manufacturing are just a few of the many different industries across the country currently being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Business owners and recruiters in this sector are all navigating uncharted waters as everybody strives to slow the spread, and ensure the health of their families, employees, clients, etc. Let’s review some of the most recent developments from around the agricultural manufacturing industry.

DOH: Equipment Manufacturing is Essential

The Department of Homeland Security released a list of essential critical infrastructure workers on March 19. The list indicated that employees engaged in the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment are deemed essential during pandemics like this one. It’s important to have a clear and consistent directive like this because there are many states that have ordered all nonessential workers to stay home to combat the spread of coronavirus. It also ensures that equipment manufacturers can continue to operate and provide equipment and parts, as well as repair and maintenance service as needed.

$2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Congress has approved an extensive stimulus bill to stabilize households and businesses across the United States. The finer details of the package include $1,200 checks to adults, a $367 billion loan program for small businesses, and establish a $500 billion lending fund for industries, cities and states. Here is a snapshot of how the funds were appropriated for agriculture:

  • $300 million targeted purchases of food initially destined for food service industry
  • $258 million for ReConnect Program (Rural Broadband Grants)
  • $450 million for Commodity Assistance Program

AEM Issues Trade Policy Recommendations

AEM joined a substantial list of trade associations in an effort to provide Congress and President Trump with recommendations regarding what needs to be done to support U.S. manufacturing. Some of the recommendations included:

  • Suspending tariffs on certain imports from China.
  • Avoid new Buy America restrictions.
  • Work quickly to pass the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill.
  • Minimize the impact of border restrictions when it comes to shipping goods.
  • Make infrastructure investment a top priority.

Activities in Specific States

The number of states that have ordered their residents to shelter in place continues to grow. The states with the most stringent mandates were hotspots located on the east and west coast in prior weeks, but the list is growing on a daily basis to include just about every geographic region across the U.S.

These are just a few of the ways that the agricultural manufacturing industry is being impacted by the coronavirus. We will continue to share updates as we receive them, so feel free to check back on a regular basis.


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