7 Embarrassing Interview Mistakes You Better Not Make

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Some candidates suffer from pre-interview anxiety more than others. From sweaty palms to a racing heart, even some of the most confident people have at least some nervousness before meeting with hiring managers. This is often due to a fear of the unknown, or perhaps the general lack of control that you have during the interview process. Although there are plenty of variables involved, you will have more successful interviews by avoiding these common mistakes. Below we will cover seven embarrassing interview mistakes you better not make.

Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid

  1. Losing Your Composure – It’s important to understand that there is a difference between just being nervous and crumbling under pressure. You can overcome this with the right preparation and remembering that you are a competent professional. Be ready to answer tough questions, like why you think you can do the job.
  2. Not Evaluating the Role – Making a positive impression is essential to receiving an offer, but don’t forget to make sure that the position is right for you. Ask about company values, specific job responsibilities, how achievement is rewarded and about future growth opportunities with the organization. Some potential red flags that you should be on the lookout for include lack of information about the company online, hiring managers that struggle to answer your questions or when they seem desperate to hire you.
  3. Forgetting to Test Reception for Phone Interviews – Recruiters and hiring managers have plenty of pet peeves that you can easily avoid. For instance, if you have a phone interview scheduled, then make sure that your equipment is ready to go by making a test call beforehand.
  4. Answering in a Noisy Place – Have a quiet place secured in advance so that you can ensure you won’t have noisy distractions during your phone interview. Make sure you have privacy. Home offices are ideal because you have more control over the environment.
  5. Getting too Personal – Unless prompted by the interviewer, it’s best to stay on the course of explaining your professional experience and career goals. Don’t veer into the territory of talking about your personal life.
  6. Bringing Along Food or Beverages – Hiring managers consider this to be unprofessional. It can also distract you from making eye contact, answering questions, etc. Don’t be that candidate who stands out by spilling coffee during the interview.
  7. Not Doing Adequate Research – Candidates who know more about a company’s background have more successful interviews than those who don’t. Take the effort to review the history and mission of the company, along with their social media accounts, so that you can show interviewers how serious you are about working with them.


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