Does Your Hiring Process Pass the Test? 5 Things You Can Improve on Today

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Since a perfect hiring process doesn’t exist, there will always be little changes that you can make to improve. Expecting to find the right candidates for the right jobs 100% of the time is unrealistic. Partnering with heavy metal recruiters can help you to improve the quality and timeliness of your hires, but here are some things that you can do along the way to help your own cause. Here are five things you can do today to improve your hiring process.

1. Writing effective job descriptions.

You could be alienating the best candidates on the market and not even know it just by creating ineffective job descriptions. Advertising a job as just a list of responsibilities and requirements is a dated approach that doesn’t excite potential candidates. You really have to market your careers as being unique employment opportunities and focus more on selling your organization to candidates. They want to know more about growth potential and company culture. Some of the most successful companies turn to their current employees to fine-tune their job descriptions. The equipment industry also has to be cautious about using gender-biased language in order to access a greater potential applicant pool.

2. Promoting an efficient process.

Hiring employees should take weeks not months. It’s also an important decision that shouldn’t be made in haste either, because statistics indicate that even one bad hire can be incredibly costly. Keep them in your queue by responding to their questions in a timely manner and letting them know where they are in the process.

3. Humanizing the hiring process.

Screening processes have become increasingly robotic in nature. It’s okay to use automated tools for screening applications, but don’t forget that there are real people waiting behind each of those resumes. At some point you have to mix in some human nature to show that you care about their feelings.

4. Being transparent about salaries.

Salary resentment is one of the leading causes of employee turnover. You can save everyone’s time by not only sharing pay ranges right in your job descriptions, but also researching what pay is considered to be fair for heavy metal jobs.

5. Simplifying hiring.

If you already have the established criteria, unless you’re looking to fill the role of a senior executive, don’t make your hiring process overly complex to hire the best people. Don’t make candidates jump through unnecessary hurdles. The interview process is stressful enough on candidates, so many of them aren’t going to stay in line long before they start landing other opportunities.



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