Manufacturing Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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Policy decisions, changing costs, and new technologies are all very important variables here in the heavy metal manufacturing industry. An effective way to improve your overall operational flexibility is by learning more about these current trends, and how they will continue to impact this industry. Here is a brief outlook of the developments and manufacturing trends for 2020 and beyond.

Wearable Technology

A growing number of manufacturing firms are investing in wearable devices to help improve workplace productivity, safety, and efficiency. Employers are using these devices to not only track the activities of their workforce, but also monitor specific health parameters of employees in an effort to reduce healthcare costs. Some of the most popular options to choose from include smartwatches, smart glasses and wearable scanners. Wearable technology is also being used to improve manufacturing in the following ways:

  • Hands-free training processes – Companies are using smart glasses to help new workers learn their trades in hands – free, virtual working environments.
  • Safety awareness –Wristbands and other connected clothing are being used to warn employees when conditional hazards are present.
  • Situational awareness – Manufacturing workspaces are constantly being changed throughout the day as projects are completed and moved to shipping, equipment is moved to begin new projects, etc. Now, workers can wear connected helmets and other smart devices provide users with access to a local network that informs them where and when objects are being moved around the plant, and what potential dangers might be lurking around them.
  • Remote management – Managers can use connected sensors to monitor the activities of an entire workforce. Project leaders also rely on this technology to create effective maintenance and planning strategies.


Unfortunately, financial services isn’t the only industry susceptible to cyberattacks. Since advanced manufacturing involves highly connected environments it means that intellectual property, industrial control systems, industrial ecosystem, talent and human capital, executive and board engagement and any connected products are all vulnerable to external threats. Bolstering cybersecurity will have to be a priority for manufacturers going forward.

Renewable Energy Sources

The concept of greater social corporate responsibility continues to expand across the manufacturing industry. More business leaders are making commitments to improve the world by taking operational steps to improve the environmental impact of their business. They are also focusing more on future energy procurement by experimenting with renewable resources like solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.


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