Careers in Welding are Rewarding and In Demand

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Don’t overlook the rewards associated with industrial jobs. A growing number of young professionals are leaving their cubicles behind in favor of learning a skilled trade like welding. In addition to high starting salaries and exceptional benefits, here are some of the other reasons why careers in welding are rewarding and in demand.


From computer programming and IT jobs to phone support and medical transcription, more and more careers are being outsourced overseas everyday. Welding jobs are among the fastest growing careers in the U.S. because of exceptional job security. There is virtually no outsourcing potential associated with them. Industry experts continue to predict that the consumer welding market will grow more in the future because it’s such a productive and cost-effective way to join metals. Many companies are experiencing backlogs in their orders and are expanding their workforces to keep up with the demand.

Advancement Opportunities

There are plenty of entry-level welding jobs available. But it doesn’t take long to long for new hires to learn that there is also an extensive list of certifications and training programs available to advance their careers, and become eligible for union manufacturing positions in other rapidly expanding sectors like agriculture and construction equipment. The American Welding Society (AWS) is dedicated to moving the industry forward by providing education, research and certifications of welders across the country. Certified welders are then hired on a regular basis for careers in education, project management, inspection, engineering, sales and even robotics.

Flexible and Challenging

Careers in manufacturing aren’t a good fit for anybody looking for a traditional 9-5 office job. It can be both physically and mentally demanding. Given the skilled labor shortage, now it’s not uncommon for welders to enjoy flexible schedules by accepting contract projects when and where they are available.


Welding processes and equipment continue to progress at a quick pace. Heavy metal recruiters are raising awareness about the demand for new talent with the specialized skills needed for laser beam welding, resistance welding, plasma arc welding, and capacitor discharge welding.

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding industrial jobs. Some of the most common myths are:

  • It’s only for people that didn’t excel in high school and can’t get into college.
  • There are very few advancement opportunities.
  • It’s too dangerous.
  • It’s not a lucrative career.
  • There’s a high risk for layoffs.

It will take both education and guidance to bust these myths, and to encourage future generations to consider these careers going forward.


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