3 Things You Should Never Say in An Interview

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When you go in for a job interview in the equipment industry, your words and actions will be scrutinized by the hiring manager. You have to be careful to ask thoughtful questions, so you make a good impression on the company’s leadership. With that in mind, here are three things you should never say during a job interview.

“Do you have beer Fridays?”

While beer Fridays may be a trendy perk within some organizations, this is not the kind of question you want to ask in an interview. You want to show the hiring manager you care about the company, the company’s goals, and your potential role within the company. You don’t want them to think you’re just interested in fun perks. You’re interviewing for a job, not a happy hour.

“Where is the game room?”

Games rooms can be a fun company perk, but you never want to ask about them during an interview, even if the company has one. You don’t want the hiring manager to have the impression you care more about playing than working. You also risk coming across as immature or irresponsible. Keep the questions focused on the job, not the perks.

“How many hours a day do I have to work?”

Asking about your hours seems like a relevant question to ask during an interview. However, questions about your hours make the hiring manager think your goal is to work as little as possible, even if that isn’t your goal. It’s better to ask a more neutral question, such as “What does a normal workday look like?” The last thing you want is for the interview to think you are unmotivated or lazy, so avoid asking any direct questions about how many hours you will need to work.

When you interview for your dream job, you need to make the best impression you can if you want to maximize your chances of landing the job. Things you say during an interview can come back to haunt you. While minor mistakes might not make or break the interview, certain red flags will hurt your chances of achieving your goal. This is why you want to avoid asking questions that imply you might be lazy or interested in something else other than the job position you are interviewing for.

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