Is Your Hiring Process Helping You Win Top Candidates?

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The traditional hiring process often alienates the best candidates. Having every interested professional send their resume through a portal just makes the hiring process frustrating for the both the employer and the candidate. Companies are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resumes they receive and often overlook top talent. Meanwhile, candidates grow tired of not hearing back from anyone, even when they have the right skills and experience. How does your hiring process stack up?

Online Volume Machine

Many companies are trading the traditional phone call generated lead funnel for an online volume machine, and this is a real problem. Generating applications through your website and through online job boards will bring you numerous submissions, but this comes at the cost of real talent. A website alone won’t win over the best of the best. The best candidates want a more personal experience. They want to talk to real people and feel a personal connection with the employer. You can’t accomplish this online. Moreover, an online-based application weighs down the hiring process. It takes time to sift through all those resumes. The top talent isn’t waiting around because they’re getting other job offers, so you need a hiring process that is quick and efficient.

Overlooking Passive Candidates

Traditional hiring practices don’t account for candidates who are not actively searching for a new job opportunity. Many of the candidates who have the right skills and professional background already have jobs, so they aren’t looking at job boards online. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t open to a job change. This is where using a recruitment firm can help improve your hiring game. A recruiter will reach out to passive candidates and assess their interest level. You’d be surprised by how many employed professionals aren’t fully happy at their jobs.

Communication Is Key

Having the best hiring process will allow you to fit the personality to the job. The best candidate isn’t always the one who has the most attractive skills. The best candidate is often the one who has the best personality for the job. Soft skills like empathy, friendliness, respect, accountability, humility, and honesty can be more important than technical skill. Communication is an important factor in finding a candidate who has the right kind of personality to perform the job tasks well and will help you find a candidate whose values align with the values of the company. Web-based recruiting won’t allow you to communicate with candidates and get to know them as well as you need to.

Having a slow, inefficient, and impersonal hiring process is the fastest way to turn off high quality candidates. You need talent to be attracted to your company, so you need to show them that you value them and respect their time. Working with a recruiter can help you create a hiring process that emphasizes communication, personal connection, and efficiency.

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