Work-Life Balance: How to Find Harmony in a Hectic World

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Even when you’ve headed home for the day, it can be hard to ignore all of those work emails trickling in. We’re living in hectic times with a majority of the workforce struggling to juggle their careers and personal lives. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to achieve an ideal work-life balance overnight, but there are some tips that can help. Here are some tips to strike a work-life balance and find harmony in a hectic world.

Time Management

Structure is the essence of good time management. If your work-life balance is eroding, then it’s time to evaluate and update how much time you are dedicating to your tasks before, during, and after your workday. Block off times in your day for each activity you need to accomplish instead of just creating a long “to-do” list. This way you will actually prioritize your tasks according to when you have the best energy for them. After adding more structure to your daily schedule, focus on the process of batching. You can streamline your workload by putting similar tasks together and completing them at the same time. There are also some great tools on the market that you can leverage to help keep you on track. TimeTrade is a great resource for online appointment scheduling.

Work Smarter

Working smarter instead of harder is something that people with a good work-life balance share in common. The first step is to find ways to balance your personal life and business. Next, focus more on your actions and results rather than how much time certain tasks take to complete. Arrange your day by following your structured calendar, blocking out distractions and not multitasking. If early morning is your most productive time, then hit it hard during that time frame and accomplish the most challenging mental tasks. Prioritize things that are most essential throughout your day.


Have a structure in place to offload tasks. Organizational charts are effective for keeping everyone in the right lane by showing communication lines and the flow of authority. It’s also essential to provide clear job descriptions for everyone and keep them updated as roles evolve.

Make Time for What’s Important

Make time for family and things that are important to you. Self-care is an essential part of work-life balance. From exercising to meditation, it takes just a few minutes to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout. See your doctor on a regular basis, especially women who are so used to taking care of others instead of themselves.

Don’t try to overhaul your entire schedule at once. Start by introducing small changes rather than drastic ones, work smarter and not harder and finally, don’t lose sight of what’s most important to you.

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