The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

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Recent polls suggest that a majority of U.S. employees aren’t engaged in their work. Yet, you can’t build a sustainable business in the equipment industry, or any other for that matter, without sufficient employee engagement. You can increase performance and boost your bottom line by focusing more on motivating and supporting the members of your team. Here’s the ultimate guide to employee engagement.

How Engaged are Your Employees?

An effective way to measure employee engagement is by surveying them on a regular basis to learn more about their attitude and behavior. The purpose isn’t to pinpoint specific employees that are dissatisfied with their jobs, but rather determine where, when and how to make improvements. But interpreting the data correctly is where some leaders tend to struggle. Here are some common patterns that can be gleaned from these surveys.

  • Pride and gratification with employer
  • Job satisfaction
  • Support from supervisors
  • Challenging work opportunities
  • Intention to stay with employer
  • Receiving positive feedback
  • Future growth with employer

Exploring Employee Motivation Factors

Achieving 100% employee engagement is improbable since most people differ in what they value. For instance, some employees might prefer receiving raises, whereas others will want more paid time off. Individuals also expect different rewards based on their behaviors. Just like the positive reinforcement methodology, you can set individual goals to stimulate motivation. Interpreting employee satisfaction can also be a slippery slope. Some leaders automatically assume that satisfied employees will also be the most productive. However, satisfaction is a better predictor of their loyalty to your organization.

Which Plan is Right For You?

Before deciding which elements to invest in, first consider what’s more important to your organization, employee engagement, commitment or both. Here are some steps you can take to enhance engagement and commitment:

  • Recruiting – Design job ads that highlight the most attractive features of your positions along with your organizational values. Some powerful keywords are autonomy, challenging work opportunities, and teamwork environments.
  • Employee selection – Focus on selecting the right fit for the job and company culture.
  • Compensation – From offering strong performance incentives to generous retirement benefits, compensation can influence both engagement and commitment.
  • Training and Development – Start engagement efforts during the orientation phase and help employees gain the skills they need by investing in ongoing training.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve employee engagement and also enhance performance and boost your bottom line. Recruiters in heavy metal manufacturing can also help you to establish an effective employee engagement program to ensure that you have a motivated workforce.

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